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What is the best tool to warm-up email for cold email marketing?

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Email is the best low-cost marketing tool that has the highest return on investment (ROI) when it comes to generating sales as well as getting traction for your latest launch offering.

We all need to start somewhere, and one of the most common questions we get at MagicEmails is what’s the best way for us to start sending cold emails?

  • Should we send 5 emails per day for a month so we get a reputation built with other email services?
  • Should we buy an old domain that has a reputation so we can get a head start?
  • Should we use tools such as LemWarm, WarmUpInbox and other companies and then do email campaigns?
Short Answer: NO, there is no need to do any email warmup, this isn't global warming we are talking about. 
You are wasting your time and there is ZERO anecdotal or historical evidence to support the fact that warming emails using these tools actual helps delivery.

Here’s why most, if not, all of these tools are snake oil.

GMail, one of the best email service providers (ESP) out there has a bunch of super smart engineers and AI models, that are aggressively working to avoid this exact behavior that can fool the SPAM filters. By employing artificial warm-up techniques, at some point in the immediate future, Google is going to catch up and your emails will then start getting the same harsh treatment suffered by spamming websites (remember Google search’s June core update?):

  • Your email domains will get flagged for penalty box (aka land straight in SPAM)
  • Even legit emails will either land in PROMOTIONS or SOCIALS.
  • Building reputation to land back in “INBOX” is going to be most likely impossible or really really hard.

So what can be done to avoid the “sneaky” warm email tactic and yet send cold emails that land in Inbox? MagicEmails is the best cold email marketing tool that can help you, and here’s how:

  1. At MagicEmails, each email is carefully scheduled to be sent at the right time and not a batch of fire and forget.
  2. Every email is tracked (privacy friendly) in terms of open-rates and we ensure each campaign has a healthy open rate.
  3. If your campaign falls below our threshold, we immediately pause the campaign and send you an email notification requesting you to modify the email campaign.
  4. By proactively guiding you on what is the next right step you should take to send cold emails, we ensure that your emails land directly in inbox.

Experience the magic of cold emails without the need to warm up inbox, get started right away.

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