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How to create an email list from Google Contacts to send cold emails in 3 simple steps.

Did you know that Google automatically adds all your contacts to an address book every time you receive an email from someone? This contact can be anything, ranging from someone who you know, to an email list that you have subscribed previously, to someone who emailed you from LinkedIn. The emails are nicely categorized with following fields: Name, Email, Phone Number, Job Title and Company, and lastly Labels.

Below is a short tutorial that showcases how to export contacts into an excel file and start sending emails.

Step 1

Google Contacts is the best kept secret tool by Gmail that automatically collects all your emails addresses and neatly organizes them into multiple columns.

Visit https://contacts.google.com/ and you will notice a nice window saying “Contacts has a new look”

Contacts Interface has been completely revamped to make it look nice and load quickly. On initial load, you might see nothing in the contacts tab.

Contacts has a new look, and it is extremely intuitive and easy to use. However, on first load, you might end up seeing zero contacts on the page. This looks to be an oversight from Google because all your contacts are neatly categorized in “Other contacts”

Click on “Other Contacts” and you will see all the contacts neatly organized, includes everyone who has ever interacted with you.

Click on Other Contacts, and you will see every person who has ever interacted with you. This list usually runs into thousands of contacts. Plus, these are all warm contacts, which means, the people already know who you are and what you do.

Step 2

Searching or filtering contacts is simple, you can use the same simple search queries that you use everyday and create email lists.

Google interface is bit confusing here as there is no option to select all contacts quickly. However, the select all option is actually hidden and is visible once you select the first contact. It’s actually quite easy.

Hover your mouse over to any contact and the UI will automatically update itself to show a checkbox.

Now, select that checkbox and all your contacts are automatically selected.

Contacts offers you the option to export all items in Google CSV, I was able to export 1400+ contacts, you probably have lot more contacts.

You can export those contact is CSV format, once exported, the contacts are neatly organized in CSV that you can now easily be imported into MagicEmails.

Step 3 (Summary):

Google Contacts neatly organizes contacts and consist of any person who has sent/received an email from you.

You can select all of Google contacts by clicking on the first item and then selecting “all”

Select Export as Google CSV and all your contacts are exported in a neatly organized comma delimited file.

You can take the CSV export and start sending cold email campaigns in less than a minute using MagicEmails.

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