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Should I use warm up email services like Lemwarm or GWarm before sending cold emails?

Never use warm up services such as Lemwarm, Gwarm or others, they are fake aka blackhat and you will get severely penalized by Google.

Cold email campaigns are unarguably the best way to get new customers. There is a lot of conventional wisdom talking about different ways to warm up email domains, using email warm-up services such as lemwarm, mailwarm, warmup inbox, mailgun and more. However, this is close to playing with fire, if not worse, and can seriously harm your email reputation.

The approach taken by Lemlist, Gmass and other services is at best black hat and its only matter of time till Google catches up and blocks your email for good.

Cold email warmup services employ tactics that simulate human behavior, and while they “think” they are faking Google filters, the reality is fake email warmups just do not work. Here’s an overview of how they work.

  1. Setup thousands of email accounts that are bogus and never get any real emails.
  2. The actual content of these emails is an old snippet from Shakespeare novel, or something bogus.
  3. They send emails amongst themselves to generate fake cross traffic amongst their own network, thereby faking an open rate and inbox delivery rate.

Further, they force you to pay an expensive monthly fee just to give you the “confidence” that everything is good, when in fact, Google is monitoring your domain and just ignoring the fake emails that you are generating and sending.

GMass uses fake emails, crappy content for warmup. NEVER do this.

Never use blackhat techniques to fool the AI at Gmail.

The above is a screenshot from popular warmup email service termed as GWarm. Go through the content of email and you will immediately realize that it’s bunch of crap 💩. DON’T USE THIS, EVER!

That said, the best way to warm up your email inbox to send cold emails is relatively simple.

  1. Be Genuine – Write a short cold email that accurately describes what you do and / or what your product does.
  2. Be Authentic – No need to be fluffy or sound arrogant. Just tell what your service offering does in simple english that a 6 year old can understand.
  3. Ensure your email addresses do not bounce. Just be careful and get emails that do not bounce. Nothing is perfect, just keep the bounce rate in low 10%.
  4. Send cold emails with a slow ramp-up. If you have a list of 100 email addresses, send them in a batch of 10 per day, watch the open rates and tweak accordingly.

Wow, this is super helpful, can you recommend me a tool that can send cold emails with highest inbox delivery rate?

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