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Should I use my own domain or setup a new domain to send cold emails?

Cold emails is the best performing channel for acquiring new customers. The growth of email discovery tools such as UpLead, RocketReach has resulted in business owners reaching out to potential new customers at rapid rate.

At same time, there are lots of questions around best way to send cold emails, and in this article, we will try to address the top 5 questions related to domain names.

Question 1:
I have an existing domain name, does it make sense to register a new domain name just for cold emails?

If you are starting out fresh, then the best option would be to register a new domain whose name is similar to your existing domain. Below are high level items to consider:

  1. Get a domain name that closely resembles your existing website. Preferred approach would be if you have a .com domain, see if you can get a similar name ending with .io or .net
  2. Setup DNS hosting for this new domain so users don’t get an error when they type-in the URL.
  3. Ensure you have a 301 permanent redirect setup that points to the main domain. This will ensure that Google will crawl your website correctly.
  4. Buy email service using GSuite, $6 to $12 per month, and setup a legitimate user. This will play a big role when customers reply to all your cold emails 🙂

Question 2:
How many emails should I send with a new domain?

Regardless of the age of your domain, there are two key metrics to observe while sending cold emails:

  1. Bounced emails: A lot of vendors offer thousands of email address, but the quality is bad with invalid emails that keep bouncing or worst; bad domains that don’t exist at all. As much as possible, try to get a clean list of emails.
  2. Open rate: As rule of thumb, 20% is an extremely healthy open rate. If your campaigns are seeing this rate, then you can increase your limits, regardless of the domain age. Also, note that open rates vary significantly depending on when you send them. For eg: An email sent on Saturday evening will have a much lower open rate than Tuesday afternoon.

Maintaining healthy open rates is a complex endeavor and you need to be super careful to ensure it maintains a certain threshold.

At MagicEmails, we use cutting edge AI to guarantee healthy open rates by focussing on following areas:

  • Send emails only during core working hours (this can be disabled in advanced setting)
  • Emails are scheduled in small batches with slow ramp up. For eg: if you upload a list of 100 emails, we will break them in small batches of x, send them, monitor the open rate and only schedule the next batch if open rate is healthy.
  • In scenario where open rate is below the threshold, we will pause the campaign and notify you proactively to update the subject and body before rescheduling the emails.

In conclusion, if you are starting out sending cold emails for first time or just want to start slow, it is highly recommended to:

  1. register a new domain.
  2. setup DNS correctly.
  3. setup 301 redirect to main domain.
  4. setup email address using GSuite.
  5. Use cold email tool that actively monitors open-rates.