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How to fix email delivery when my domain appears on blacklist like SORBs?

In order to fix email delivery when your domain appears in SORBs or a public blacklist database, it is critical to understand how these lists work and whether they are reliable.

SORBs also known as Spam and Open Relay Blocking system is a publicly accessible database that contains list of email servers suspected of sending or delivering low quality aka SPAM emails.

SORBs offers an easy way to check for email spam

To check whether your email is listed as spam, just visit http://www.sorbs.net/lookup.shtml and enter your domain name. NOTE: it’s odd that something with such a high authority still accepts http connections and is not over SSL, but that is a topic for a different time.

MagicEmails.com is not part of SORBs. This is not a surprise because we use MagicEmails to send emails 🙂

We entered MagicEmails.com as a domain, and that did not get marked as SPAM, not surprising, but still happy :-). There are few critical reasons why customers using MagicEmails do not fall in a public database such as SORBs.

  1. Our patent pending algorithm keeps a close eye on email delivery as well as open rates. This helps in two ways:
    • ensures that your domain does not get blocked by other ESPs. Note that Email service providers maintain their own blacklist / spam-list which is private and never exposed to public.
    • Healthy open rate ensures that you are targeting the right audience with right messaging.
  2. Emails are always sent in batches. No matter the size of your list, MagicEmails schedules emails at regular intervals automatically. This means, we will never send an email at Sunday 1am and we will send a set of emails on Tuesday between 9am to 4pm.
  3. Email previews: Before you hit create campaign, every email is accompanied by a snippet, the short 1-2 line description that shows when you open your mobile mail app. This single unique feature allows our users to write the perfect teaser content.

While its never a good thing to appear in any blacklist, regardless of whether it is honored by external teams, prevention is the best course of action here.

Summing up, here’s best way to not appear in SORBs (or any list):

  • Register a completely new domain.
  • Setup GSuite
  • Use MagicEmails… doh 🙂
  • Grow your business!

We also wrote an extensive article at https://magicemails.com/2022/01/26/should-i-use-my-own-domain-or-setup-a-new-domain-to-send-cold-emails/ that talks about benefits of using a new domain to send cold emails.

Enjoy emailing and feel free to reach us at [email protected] for any questions or general chit-chat.