MagicEmails => Shopify Emails that actually convert

Increase Shopify Store sales with emails that actually convert.

Built exclusively for Shopify websites, MagicEmails integrates directly with your Shopify store, create custom email campaigns that land in customers Inbox.

Does the above screenshot look familiar where emails sent from your Shopify store end up directly in customers Promotions tab 🤦? At MagicEmails, we built our technology from ground up to ensure that all your emails land directly in customers Inbox. This gives your brand the highest visibility and increases conversion rate by 30%.

gmail promotion tab
gmail promotion tab

Core Features

Cart abandonment recovery: Create a highly personalized campaign that gently nudges your customers to purchase the product they added to cart, but left without making the purchase. Emails land directly in Inbox, thereby getting you highest conversion rate.

Drive repeat sales: Did you know that a customer is likely to buy another product from your website within 3-months of their last purchase? Set up your email campaigns with ease, and use MagicEmails smart schedule functionality to get emails delivered at the right time.

There are 100’s of more reasons why MagicEmails is the preferred choice for Shopify customers, sign-up for our beta app below and get an average 30% boost to your store revenue!

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