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Top 3 recommendations for email extractor software.

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We all know our target audience, the websites and have the perfect persona built in our heads. Getting list of URLs from LinkedIn, Clutch or other directory services is the easy part.

The most difficult part begins right after that and can be broken into two simple steps:

  1. Discover email addresses from underlying URLs.
  2. Send emails using a cold email marketing tool with the best open rate for emails.

Let’s walk through a real life scenario that we get hit with every few hours at MagicEmails.

We get a request saying a customer has list of about 20,000 URLs from a specific targeted niche and they want to get email addresses for those customers.

The preferred way to get these email addresses is by installing a “good” chrome extension and using that extension to scrape websites.

Now, the term good is relative, for us, the definition of good is:

  1. easy to use, install, click and it can start working out of the box.
  2. ability to upload list of URLs (if possible)
  3. results have high accuracy aka does not contain [email protected], but actual real email addresses.

That said, here are the top chrome extensions that MagicEmails recommends to retrieve email addresses from URLs.



A straight forward Chrome extension wherein you visit a website, click on the extension and it will showcase all email addresses relevant to that website on side panel.

Email Extractor:

Email Extractor – easily discovery and extract email ids

The newest version of email extractor has a nifty feature, it allows you to paste list of URLs and AUTOMATICALLY visits all these URLs extracting the underlying emails.

One of the most pragmatic and scalable approaches to extract emails and build a cold email list. In our tests, we gave email extractor 1000 URLs and here are the stats:

  • time to visit all URLs: 2hours (we throttled it on our end)
  • emails successfully retrieved: 2300

That’s 2300 lead, more than 2 potential contacts within a span of 2 hours. We have been completely impressed with this extension and highly highly recommend it to everyone!

Email Exporter

A simple yet highly efficient Chrome extension that will discover all emails and phone numbers on a given webpage and more importantly, export the data to a CSV or to Excel. From there, you can easily add those emails to any cold email marketing solution and start generating sales 💰

Our Recommendation

While we love all the above three extensions, EmailDrop is our favorite.

The simplicity with which we can visit any URL, discover all the emails and export them to CSV makes it genuinely easy for any email marketing person to use and take sales to the next level.

So, are you ready to kick start your growth? With an email extractor, you can grow your business faster than you thought possible!