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How do I stop my cold email from going to spam?

Inbox delivery, in other words, know as the ability for any email to land directly in customers inbox and not in SPAM folder is the holy grail of marketing. Cold emails will continue to be the best option to achieve organic sustainable growth for any company in the near future. That said, with so many tools out there, how can you be confident enough that your campaigns make their way to inbox without landing in SPAM penalty box.

SPAM penalty box – Process where all your cold emails land in SPAM folder, thereby making your email campaigns worthless.

There are myriad of technical options today that walk through the process of correctly setting up your cold email servers, this includes:

  • SPF – Sender Policy Framework that helps protect your domain against spoofing and help prevent your messages from going to SPAM; read more at Google SPF article
  • DKIM – DomainKeys Identified Mail prevents spoofing on outgoing messages sent from your domain; read more at DKIM setup

Now, even with all these settings, emails will continue to go to SPAM and there is very little you can do at a technical level.

MagicEmails patent pending technology provides the best in world class solution for emails to land directly in customers inbox. We make this possible by following a very simple, yet most effective technique:

Send email in batches and not entire list at same time.

This process is extremely essential because you don’t want to burn your entire list. The list might contain unverified emails that bounce, and a high bounce rate will negatively impact your reputation very quickly.

Schedule emails to be intelligently distributed to achieve the best open rate ratio.

A typical email send batch usually consists of 50 emails. This is an optimal batch size, but many email campaign services send these emails just few seconds apart. An unoptimized email blast will start impacting your sender reputation because the recipients email service provider, usually gmail, outlook notices a surge in traffic and treats your emails differently.

Lastly, MagicEmails monitors your open rates and if they drop below a certain threshold, immediately pauses your campaign and provides uplift recommendations.

Every email sent using MagicEmails comes with free, out of the box, world class privacy friendly email tracking. In addition, we use “smart schedule” to send emails that are intelligently apart from each other. This allows us to track opens at a campaign level heuristically, and sometimes, open rates do fall. In such scenarios, we immediately pause your email campaign and send you an instant notification providing suggestions and tips on how to improve the opens.

The proactive approaches guarantees:

  1. Your email reputation never gets impacted.
  2. Your email campaigns enjoy a healthy open rate.
  3. By providing instant feedback to email campaigns, all emails enjoy a high inbox delivery rate.

MagicEmails, our free Chrome Extension to send cold emails, offers all the above features right out of the box and you can enjoy high inbox deliverability with little to no effort. You can download the extension by requesting Early access via our homepage.


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